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turtles, Wood Turtle Earrings



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Made using Baltic wood earrings birc wood earringsh turtles, silver toned findings & silver toned ear hooks. Eac wood earringsh pair of earrings c wood earringsomes with rubber bac wood earringskings to help reduc wood earringse the c wood earringshanc wood earringse of losing one. Measurements~Length: 2 inc wood earringshes (5.08 c wood earringsm)Width: 5/8 inc wood earringsh (1.58 c wood earringsm)Turtle: 1 inc wood earringsh (2.54 c wood earringsm)My Shop: http://ndnc wood earringshic wood earringsk. More Dangle Earrings: https://www./shop/ndnc wood earringshic wood earringsk?ref=hdr%C2%A7ion_id&sec wood earringstion_id=20002581

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