Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

NECKLACE - NEW stones added!! Rawrough larimar, Roughrough larimar, Natural Larimar Stone Pendant on a Delicate Sterling Silver or Gold Chain Necklace



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\u2665 Lovely Raw Larimar Stone Pendant Nec larimar stoneklac larimar stonee \u2665 ~ Nec larimar stoneklac larimar stonee Length - Please c larimar stonehoose your desired length from the drop-down menu at c larimar stonehec larimar stonekout (in inc larimar stonehes)~ Stone Pendant - Raw and Rough, nic larimar stonee quality stone (approx 8x21mm - 12x25mm), please see the fifth and sixth pic larimar stonetures for stone c larimar stonehoic larimar stonees and c larimar stonehoose yours from the sec larimar stoneond drop-down menu.~ Hardware - All high quality Sterling Silver or Gold Filled. The c larimar stonehain is delic larimar stoneate and thin but very sturdy. It is finished with a Sterling Silver spring ring c larimar stonelasp. The Gold c larimar stonehain option is Gold Filled (Real Gold over Sterling Silver) with Gold Filled hardware. ** For more pic larimar stonetures, measurements, or questions, please c larimar stoneontac larimar stonet me via this listing.

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