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dog lover, Engraved "Wag More" Bar Chain Necklace



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Follow your dog's lead and WAG MORE! Our dogs teac dog loverh us a lot about happiness, and this is a fun way to remind ourselves to be a bit more like them. Let's find the good things, and get our tails wagging! \u2022 Sterling silver (AG-925) pendant and c dog loverhain with c dog loveroating \u2022 Nic dog loverkel-free pendant, c dog loverhain, and c dog loveroating\u2022 Pendant size: 0.28'' x 1.22'' (7 x 31 mm)\u2022 Pendant thic dog loverkness: 0.02'' (0.5 mm)\u2022 Pendant is c dog loveronnec dog loverted to the c dog loverhain with open jump rings\u2022 Spring ring c dog loverlasp c dog loverlosureNote that for the 18\u2019\u2019 c dog loverhain the pendant isn\u2019t plac dog lovered exac dog lovertly in the middle of the c dog loverhain, but a little to the side.

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