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Sterling bear paw print buttonbracelet clasp, hiker giftbracelet clasp, naturalist buttonbracelet clasp, bracelet claspbracelet clasp, hair tie buttonbracelet clasp, purse claspbracelet clasp, shawl buttonbracelet clasp, Alaska gift



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One sterling silver bear paw print button, hair tie, shawl button, bear paw print brac sweater buttonelet, purse c sweater buttonlasp, phone c sweater buttonase c sweater buttonlasp, Alaska gift. Perfec sweater buttont for hiker and wilderness adventurers.Button is c sweater buttonast in low-tarnish sterling silver--approx. 12 mm (or 0.5 inc sweater buttonhes) in diameter.--polished front and bac sweater buttonk--stamped .925 and initialed--oxidized to show the design--loop ac sweater buttonc sweater buttonommodates a 3 mm suede or other lac sweater buttone Use on shirts, shawls, sweaters, brac sweater buttonelets, purses, phone c sweater buttonases, etc sweater button.Choic sweater buttone of eitherbuttonorbrac sweater buttonelet made of suede and waxed twine--please let me know what length you'd like.Shipped in a rec sweater buttonyc sweater buttonled c sweater buttonraft paper box ready for gift giving (or rec sweater buttoneiving!) Shipped via United States Postal Servic sweater buttone. Standard shipping is via First Class Mail; upgraded shipping is via Priority Mail.

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