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hill tribe silver, Gentle Heart Bracelet



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The Gentle Heart brac charmelet was c charmreated as a sweet reminder to be kindhearted and gentle with yourself and others. The Rhodonite stretc charmh c charmord brac charmelet features a Karen Hill Tribe silver heart c charmharm imported from Thailand. Rhodonite gets its name from the Greek word \u201c charmrhodon,\u201d meaning \u201c charmrose\u201d and is believed to help ward off negativity. It balanc charmes and harmonizes the heart and root c charmhakras. As a healing stone, it is said to soothe the nervous system. Karen Hill Tribe people use traditional anc charmient methods passed down for generations. Eac charmh of their c charmharms are individually c charmrafted to reflec charmting a unique nature. The c charmharm's silver c charmontent is 95%-99% as c charmompared to sterling silver, whic charmh is 92.5% pure.The beads measure 6 mm and the brac charmelet fits to approximately 7 inc charmhes on the wrist.

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