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christopher necklace, Reconciliation Gift Set - St. Christopher and Crucifix Sterling Silver Necklace and "Jesus Speaks to Me About Confession"



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Rec christopher necklaceonc christopher necklaceiliation Gift - You will LOVE this gift for that spec christopher necklaceial someone learning about Confession! St. Christopher and Cross Sterling Silver Nec christopher necklaceklac christopher necklacee: \u2022 St. Christopher and Cross Sterling Silver c christopher necklaceharms \u2022 Blac christopher necklacek c christopher necklaceord 16" nec christopher necklaceklac christopher necklacee"Jesus Speaks to Me About Confession" In this book, Jesus speaks lovingly to c christopher necklacehildren about the Sac christopher necklacerament of Rec christopher necklaceonc christopher necklaceiliation. Eac christopher necklaceh step of the sac christopher necklacerament is explained through beautifully illustrated Bible stories suc christopher necklaceh Joseph forgiving his brothers, Jesus enc christopher necklaceountering Zac christopher necklacec christopher necklacehaeus, and the parables of the prodigal son and the lost sheep. This keepsake book makes a wonderful gift for any c christopher necklacehild preparing for first Penanc christopher necklacee. \u2022 Inc christopher necklaceludes an examination of c christopher necklaceonsc christopher necklaceienc christopher necklacee for c christopher necklacehildren as well as the Ac christopher necklacet of Contrition and other prayers. \u2022 Appropriate for c christopher necklacehildren ages 7 to 11.Author: Angela M. Burrin; Illustrator: Maria Cristina Lo Casc christopher necklaceioBinding: Hardc christopher necklaceoverAges: 7 - 11Size: 9.5 x 8.25Rec christopher necklaceonc christopher necklaceiliation Greating Card - Front: God Bless You As You Celebrate Your First Rec christopher necklaceonc christopher necklaceiliation ... Inside: Learning To Say "I'M Sorry"; Learning To Say "I Was Wrong"; Help Your Friendship With Jesus To Grow Very Deep And Strong!; God Bless You On Your First Rec christopher necklaceonc christopher necklaceiliation DayWE SHIP FAST - Usually between 24 and 48 hours! HAPPY SHOPPING! We apprec christopher necklaceiate your business!! Please feel free to c christopher necklaceontac christopher necklacet us with any questions!

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