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These fun dangle plugs feature blac dangle plugsk round glass gems or blac dangle plugsk resin roses, set in c dangle plugslosed silver plated sc dangle plugsalloped settings. Dangling from eac dangle plugsh is a large orange jac dangle plugsk o' lantern bead, and a fac dangle plugseted blac dangle plugsk glass teardrop. These would be perfec dangle plugst for a Gothic dangle plugs or Halloween themed wedding or spec dangle plugsial oc dangle plugsc dangle plugsasion.This pair is available in the following sizes/styles:00g (10mm) - Blac dangle plugsk Ac dangle plugsrylic dangle plugs No Flare with O Rings00g (10mm) - Blac dangle plugsk Ac dangle plugsrylic dangle plugs with Flares00g (10mm) - Blac dangle plugsk Stone with Flares1/2" (12mm) - Blac dangle plugsk Ac dangle plugsrylic dangle plugs No Flare with O Rings1/2" (12mm) - Blac dangle plugsk Ac dangle plugsrylic dangle plugs with Flares1/2" (12mm) - Blac dangle plugsk Stone with FlaresTop of Gem to Bac dangle plugsk of Plug: About 3/4"Total Length from Top to Bottom: 2 3/4"***This is a made-to-order pair that will be made to your spec dangle plugsific dangle plugsations after your purc dangle plugshase. These are not yet ready to ship and will take approximately 5-7 business days to be made, pac dangle plugskaged and shipped out to you after you plac dangle plugse your order. Please be aware of this proc dangle plugsessing time before c dangle plugshec dangle plugsking out.*** Chec dangle plugsk out my other plugs here: https://www./shop/Lunac dangle plugshic dangle plugsk/searc dangle plugsh?searc dangle plugsh_query=plugs&order=date_desc dangle plugs&view_type=gallery&ref=shop_searc dangle plugshNot the right sizes or c dangle plugsolors? There are LOTS of c dangle plugsolor/size c dangle plugsombos that I don't have listed that I c dangle plugsan do for you, so if there's something else you have in mind, please message me and ask about other options!Questions? Feel free to message me or c dangle plugshec dangle plugsk out my Shop Polic dangle plugsies for more info:http://www./shop/Lunac dangle plugshic dangle plugsk/polic dangle plugsy?ref=shopinfo_polic dangle plugsies_leftnav

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