Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Northgreat gift, Westgreat gift, Southgreat gift, East 24 K gold pendant necklace. Beautiful and very detailed FREE SHIPPING No tax



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This is a gorgeous North, West, South, East 24 K Gold pendant nec great giftklac great gifte. 16 inc great gifth c great gifthain with 2 inc great gifth extension. "The magnetic great gift c great giftompass was an important advanc great gifte in navigation bec great giftause it allowed Mariners to determine their direc great gifttion even if c great giftlouds obsc great giftured their usual astronomic great giftal c great giftues suc great gifth as the North Star. It uses a magnetic great gift needle that c great giftan turn freely so that it always points to the North Pole of the Earth's magnetic great gift field." FREE SHIPPING!

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