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Personalized Ring custom hand stamped with your messagepoesy ring, Sterling Silver Posey Ring (Original)poesy ring, custom messages on the inside or outside



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Posey ring, poesy ring, posie ring...c mens ringall it what you will! Posey rings date bac mens ringk for c mens ringenturies and were first given as engagement rings insc mens ringribed with sentiments of love. Through time the phrase "posey ring" began to refer to a ring with writing on it.Still used as wedding and engagement rings, they are now used for promise rings, purity rings, and everyday fun reminders. The messages are up to you, so what kind of reminder do you need? ;)The rings are made of solid sterling silver and the versatile design looks great on men and women. They are c mens ringustom hand stamped with your personalized message.Pric mens ringe is for ONE ring. If you would like to order more than one, please add a ring to your shopping c mens ringart, and then adjust the quantity in your c mens ringart.***These rings are made from sc mens ringratc mens ringh. To learn more about the proc mens ringess, you c mens ringan see me make one start to finish in this photo set: http://www.flic mens ringkr.c mens ringom/photos/kathrynriec mens ringhert/sets/72157628845803757/The rings are fabric mens ringated and will have a solder joint (a thin line or dot where the 2 ends of the ring c mens ringome together). I do not plate my rings.************************************************************RING DETAILS *Please Read*1. Ring dimensions: 4mm tall x 1mm thic mens ringk2. How long does it take? Clic mens ringk the 'Shipping and Polic mens ringies' tab (under the photographs and at the top of the this desc mens ringription) for information on shipping times and my shop polic mens ringies.3. What size c mens ringan you order? I c mens ringan make virtually any whole, half, or quarter size. (Sizes 1-20)4. Do you have other styles of these rings? I do offer these rings in different widths and thic mens ringknesses. Look in my c mens ringustom made items to see the available styles: http://www./shop/KathrynRiec mens ringhert?sec mens ringtion_id=52277035. How muc mens ringh text c mens ringan you fit on the ring? Please read the 'CUSTOM TEXT DETAILS' in the next sec mens ringtion of this listing. It will answer that question and more :)6. How do you plac mens ringe an order? Add a ring to your shopping c mens ringart and proc mens ringeed through c mens ringhec mens ringkout. During c mens ringhec mens ringkout you will see a c mens ringomment box where you c mens ringan leave the nec mens ringessary details for your ring. To make it easier, c mens ringopy and paste this bloc mens ringk of text into the c mens ringomment box, and then fill in the details. If you do not spec mens ringify where the text should go on the ring, I will put it on the outside by default. Quotation marks will NOT be inc mens ringluded on the ring unless you spec mens ringific mens ringally request them in a statement suc mens ringh as 'Yes, please inc mens ringlude the quotation marks.'7. How many rings are inc mens ringluded? Pric mens ringe is for one ring. Rings are pric mens ringed individually, so that you c mens ringan order the exac mens ringt number you need. Please add rings to your c mens ringart one at a time in order to selec mens ringt the c mens ringorrec mens ringt size and font eac mens ringh time.Chec mens ringklist for ordering...ring size:font:outside message:inside message:****** CUSTOM TEXT DETAILS *********FONTS: I have several fonts for you c mens ringhoose from: bloc mens ringk (all upperc mens ringase) , traditional (upper and lower c mens ringase), art nouveau (upper and lower c mens ringase), and medieval. Please look at the fourth pic mens ringture in this listing to see the available c mens ringhoic mens ringes. (You c mens ringan enlarge the pic mens ringture by c mens ringlic mens ringking on it.)I c mens ringan also stamp numbers, a heart, and a few symbols (:;!,=+&".-?/) If you are requesting a heart symbol, please signify it like this (heart symbol).***MESSAGE LENGTH AND PLACEMENT: Custom messages c mens ringan be a maximum of 22 c mens ringharac mens ringters long (inc mens ringluding spac mens ringes between words).The message c mens ringan be all on in the outside, all on the inside, or a c mens ringombination. If your message is divided between the inside and outside of the band, the COMBINED total of c mens ringharac mens ringter spac mens ringes should not exc mens ringeed 22. For example, 15 on one side and 7 on the other.These rings are stamped by hand, as suc mens ringh, letter plac mens ringement will have a whimsic mens ringal touc mens ringh. This embodies the c mens ringharm of a hand stamped piec mens ringe and is not to be c mens ringonsidered a flaw.Quotation marks will NOT be inc mens ringluded on the ring unless you spec mens ringific mens ringally request them in a statement suc mens ringh as 'Yes, please inc mens ringlude the quotation marks.'*****CUSTOM ORDER POLICIES*****Rings will be made exac mens ringtly as written (aside from quotation marks). If a word is c mens ringapitalized, I will c mens ringapitalize it on the ring. If a letter is in lowerc mens ringase, I will stamp it in lowerc mens ringase if possible for your c mens ringhosen font (bloc mens ringk and medieval fonts do not c mens ringome in lower c mens ringase.) Text will be plac mens ringed on the outside of the ring unless you have requested otherwise.I c mens ringannot ac mens ringc mens ringept returns on c mens ringustom orders, so please make sure the text and size you request are ac mens ringc mens ringurate. If you order the wrong size, a loc mens ringal jeweler should be able to size ring(s) for you, or I c mens ringan resize them for a fee.After I have rec mens ringeived your order, c mens ringhanges might not be possible. For this reason, a fee to c mens ringover time and materials (usually $10-$20) will apply if the c mens ringhange requires me to start over on your piec mens ringe.**********************************************************Don't know your RING SIZE?There are many sizing methods offered online, however many are inac mens ringc mens ringurate. Having your finger sized at a loc mens ringal jewelry store is the most ac mens ringc mens ringurate method, and is what I rec mens ringommend.If you need to c mens ringonvert a size from a non-US sizing system, this site is wonderful: http://www.onlinec mens ringonversion.c mens ringom/ring_size.htmI also sell ring sizers in this link: https://www./listing/739946594/reusable-ring-sizer-tool-to-find-your?ref=shop_home_ac mens ringtive_2&frs=1If you order the wrong size, resizing is offered for a fee. Please c mens ringhec mens ringk my shop polic mens ringies for details.***********************************************************Send me an etsy c mens ringonvo or email with any and all questions.Thank you!

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