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Water Polo Rosary - Silver Plate Sport Rosary made wi/Ceramic beads & Swarovski Crystals - Communionrosaries, Confirmationrosaries, RCIArosaries, Birthdayrosaries, more



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This is a strong rosary and has a wonderful weight to it! This handmade rosary is made with Ceramic rosaries Sport beads and ac rosariesc rosariesented with Swarovski Crystals for the Lord's Prayer beads. This is a great rosary for the sports lover ... Perfec rosariest for any age!!- Approx. 19" Long - Traditional Five Dec rosariesade Rosary- Approx. 8mm Ceramic rosaries Sport beads, Great weighted rosary!- Ac rosariesc rosariesented with Swarovski Crystals- Silver plate Cruc rosariesifix & Center (Comes standard with Mary) *- Inc rosariesludes "How to Pray the Rosary" pamphlet and rosary pouc rosariesh* NOTE: Bec rosariesause eac rosariesh rosary is uniquely handmade, the c rosariesenters and c rosariesruc rosariesifixes may vary. If you would like a spec rosariesific rosaries c rosariesenter, please selec rosariest from the c rosariesenter options we offer.GIFT WRAP / OCCASION CARD: If you are giving your rosary as a gift, have us gift wrap it for you! Simply selec rosariest the Oc rosariesc rosariesasion you are c rosarieselebrating, and we'll wrap it and inc rosarieslude the c rosariesard for you to fill out when you rec rosarieseive it. If you would like to send it direc rosariestly to your rec rosariesipient, and would like to send them a message with your gift, enter your message in "Notes" at Chec rosarieskout.WE SHIP FAST - Usually between 24 and 48 hours! HAPPY SHOPPING! We apprec rosariesiate your business!! Please feel free to c rosariesontac rosariest us with any questions!

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