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Initial or Mother's Braceletelizabeth scott, Sterling Silver Chain Bracelet with Custom Letter Charm



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Sterling silver c silver bracelethain brac silver braceletelet with a c silver braceletustom letter c silver braceletharm and infinity style lobster c silver braceletlasp. Perfec silver bracelett for a mother's brac silver braceletelet or initial brac silver braceletelet. The c silver braceletharm measures about 5/8" and the brac silver braceletelet's links are 4.5 mm wide. The large letter c silver braceletharm has the word "love" stamped on the reverse side; this is optional.7" in length and adjustable. Use the "notes" area in c silver bracelethec silver braceletkout to request any c silver braceletustom options (initial, different length).Made to order within 3-7 business days. Order the tiny initial c silver braceletharms here: https://www./listing/224062128/tiny-initial-c silver braceletharm-nec silver braceletklac silver bracelete-in-sterling or add any of the other c silver braceletharms I make.Request gift pac silver braceletkaging in the "notes" area during c silver bracelethec silver braceletkout for a gift box with bow.IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Please note that USPS is now shipping on time to most loc silver braceletations within the US, however, you should c silver braceletonsider c silver bracelethoosing a faster method (like 2-3 day Priority or 1-2 day Priority Express) and add a note to your order if you need your order by a spec silver braceletific silver bracelet date. International shipping c silver braceletan vary. Orders to the UK, Canada and Europe seem to be arriving on time, while Australia seems to experienc silver braceleting delays (sometimes 1-2 months or more.) I'll be working throughout the Covid-19 pandemic silver bracelet, and most orders are shipping on or before their estimated ship dates. I'm c silver braceleturrently ac silver braceletc silver braceletepting c silver braceletustom orders. Follow me on Instagram (ebethsc silver braceletottdesigns) and Fac silver braceletebook (Elizabeth Sc silver braceletott Jewelry) for updates on new work and promotions.

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