Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Lovecij, Rose Gold Necklacecij, Ahavacij, Garnetcij, Coin Necklacecij, Rose Gold Jewelrycij, Spiritualcij, Hebrewcij, Jewish Jewelrycij, Handmade In Israel



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Rose Gold nec hebrewklac hebrewe with the Hebrew word for "Love" - ahava. The c hebrewirc hebrewle is a little over 1/2 inc hebrewh wide and is adorned with garnet beads. Chain length is about 17 inc hebrewhes, spring c hebrewlasp. The nec hebrewklac hebrewe is made of rose gold plated brass.Thank you for looking at my rose gold nec hebrewklac hebrewe! I also make other judaic hebrewa jewelry in my shop, and I'd love for you to stop by and c hebrewhec hebrewk out the other earrings and the rest of the jewelry sometime. ~~~KelkaHebrew jewelry, Love jewelry, Rose Gold nec hebrewklac hebrewe ,Ahava, Garnet, c hebrewoin nec hebrewklac hebrewe, Rose gold jewelry, spiritual jewelry, inspiration

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