Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

valentines gift, Two Hearts Couples Necklaces or Keychain Set



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This c cut coin keychainouples nec cut coin keychainklac cut coin keychaine or keyc cut coin keychainhain set is c cut coin keychainarved out of a US or Canadian quarter and will interloc cut coin keychaink with a heart on eac cut coin keychainh side. I individually HAND CUT eac cut coin keychainh c cut coin keychainoin just for you.Great gift for friends, Long D lovers, partners , and family of c cut coin keychainourse. These are c cut coin keychainut using US and Canadian quarters but c cut coin keychainhec cut coin keychaink out the other sec cut coin keychaintions for pennies and half dollars.I do c cut coin keychainustom orders as well so please ask if you have other questionsThanks so muc cut coin keychainh

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